Hi, my name is Jasmine Nguyen and I love playing golf.

I picked up a golf club when I was 2 years old. It was my Dads golf club which he had lying around the house.

I went to my first driving range when I was 3 where I put a bucket on my head and swung and it fell off. I had heaps of fun with my Dad.

I got my first set of golf clubs when I was 5 years old. But they were too big and heavy for me. So I didn’t start golf until I was 7 years old. I started at a Christmas Holiday class with the Institute of Golf (IoG) and then did a year of the development squad with IoG, where I found a lot of friends around my age.

I joined the Peninsula Golf Club at around the same time. Where I had lessons with two volunteers at the club (Ron and Cookie) who ran a class for kids to learn about golf and learn the course.

I moved to Wainui Golf Club when they had to close down Peninsula Golf Club for houses. I did the junior development classes at Wainui with my sister and some of my friends who I met from other tournaments. I also have private lessons with my Coach Sam Lee.

I started doing golf tournaments in 2016. I have won the US Kids Golf 2016 summer and 2017 winter tours. I got to represent NZ in the Trans Tasman Cup in 2017 where I shot the best score of my age group (42 for nine holes).

My dream is to become a professional golfer and help other people like me learn golf and achieve their dreams because they might not have the same opportunities as me.

Full Name:

Jasmine Nguyen

Nick Name:


Country of Birth:

New Zealand

Home Club:

Wainui, Auckland

Countries Visited with Golf:

Sydney, Australia

Current Handicap:


Started Golf at Age:

I was 3 when I first went to the range with my Dad. But I started learning golf when I was 7.


Sam Lee – Wainui

Mauri Stokes – IoG

Favourite Golf Course:

I like any golf course as long as I’m playing with my friends.

Favourite Golf Club:

7 iron, because I always hit it well.

Favourite golf shot:

Driving…the golf cart hahaha