NZ Wins 2018 Trans Tasman Cup – Gulf Harbour

NZ Wins 2018 Trans Tasman Cup – Gulf Harbour

This year the US Kids Golf, Trans Tasman Cup Tournament was held in New Zealand for the first time. The last two years have been played in Australia. Last year I played in Sydney for the first time.

We played at the Gulf Habour Country Club in Whangaparaoa Peninsula for two days. I played in the 8-9 year old girls team for NZ with my playing partner Anihera Koni, who came all the way from Dunedin.

I also played against two Australian girls and their names were Rachel and Lilly.

The weather was really nice and sunny. Gulf Habour is a really pretty golf course, with lots of bunkers. Luckily I only went into one bunker.

Day 1

On the first day of the tournament I did really well. I shot a score of 38 (2 over par 36) for nine holes. This is my best score so far in a tournament.

We won after the the 7th hole but kept playing for fun, and the caddies had a go at hitting with the kids clubs which was fun.

At the end of Day 1 NZ was in front 9 points to 3.

Day 2

The second day I did ok. We won on the 6th hole and finished early so that we could watch other people play. Anihera, her Aunti and I went for a drive in a cart to look around the golf course. Anihera and I got to drive the cart, it was really funny when Ani crashed. Lucky it wasn’t that bad.

At the end of Day 2 NZ won by 5 points and we won the big Trophy. Everybody gets to take it home with them, Ani got to take it home first to Dunedin. I cant wait till it comes to my house so I can take it to school and my golf club.

I’m looking forward to next year because I might get to qualify again to go to Australia and to make new friends.

Day 1 – Getting ready to register


Day 1 – Found my personal cart


Day 1 – Opening Ceremony


Day 1 – Teeing off at the 6th hole, par 3


Day 1 – Looking at my putt


Day 2 – Having fun with my competitor, Lilly


Day 2 – Me and my friends, (Rachel, Lilly, Anihera)


Day 2 – Waiting at the first tee


Day 2 – Warming up



Day 2 – Players and Caddies


Day 2 – The trophies and prizes


Day 2 – New Zealand Wins


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