ANZ ProLikeKo Event

ANZ ProLikeKo Event

Today I went to a Masterclass with Lydia Ko. She taught us about how she warms up and practices.

I learnt that before she plays in a tournament she stretches and practices for 1.5 hours before she tees off. She also said putting is really important because it can help you get birdies if you’re hitting well, or save par if you are not hitting so well. The most important thing about putting is the speed, because it will help show you what line to take.

I got Lydia’s autograph!

After the masterclass I got a new ANZ hat and an autograph and photo with Lydia Ko. Also I got onto the TV3 news! I’m right at the end of the video (1:20)

I was practicing some shots with an adults club, and I was really lucky because Lydia’s old coach, Craig Dixon, came over and talked to me about my swing. He told me I was really good which made me feel happy.

Crushing my irons!
Impressing Lydias former coach, Craig Dixon from IoG

After the event I went down stairs to the Cloud with my friend Gia, and there was table tennis, badminton and blocks set up, and we got to have a play with all of them.

Having fun with my friend Gia in the Cloud

I had a great day, I cant wait to see Lydia Ko play in the LPGA tournament next week at Windross Golf Course.


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